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Behavioral economics + customer experience = transformation
Our efforts were aimed at understanding the customer and the way he shops in the fast-paced retail environment to build a cutting edge experience around him.
3 months
of work

A scope shaped around art and science of behavioral economics, that was used to understand customers' propensity to default or get caught by cognitive traps.

The research was backed up by store visits, touchpoints analysis and customer feedback review.
Two main

- Level Shoes
- Level Kids
Behavioral economics

In our recommendations we have used cognitive biases that can impact the "Three kings of friction":
- Processes
- Environments
- Decisions

- Journey Mapping
- UX Analysis
- Mystery Shopping
- Customer Research
- Behavioral Recommendations
Working with the team is a great pleasure and a stimulating experience. They always understand the business requirements and has proven to always deliver against the very high expectations I was setting.

Their passion for CX and drive towards research and innovation leads to unique and relevant methodologies that will for sure result in high quality findings. Finally, teams and stakeholders always enjoy interacting with them.
— Gregoire Charpe-Civatte, Head of Marketing & CX in Level Shoes (2nd engagement)
Context, Approach & Methodology
Request from Level Shoes and its management was probably one of the most direct and intriguing as it included the behavioral understanding as a must.
Level Shoes is the world's largest shoe store located in one of the world's largest and most famous malls - The Dubai Mall, it belongs to Chalhoub Group, being one of its "own concepts".

Shopping in the Middle East is a fast-paced experience for all parties: the buyer, the consumer and the market which has to learn and evolve to become better. The ideas turnaround rate is high, and quick-to-respond companies are introducing better offers, better experiences and better services to respond to the expectations of the new customer.

Our efforts today are aimed at understanding the customer and the way he shops to build a cutting edge experience around him.

To answer to those challenges and provide insights to Level Shoes' Management, we have run a research that helped us:

- Design Archetypes (of shoppers)
- Design Journey Maps
- Define Friction Points
- Create the new experience

In our framework, and during the journey mapping exercise we have used a new approach that helped us:

- Categorize touchpoints (F.I.S.E.™) by frequency, importance, satisfaction and effort.
- Define source of the friction (D.P.E.™) at the stage level: Decision, Process or Environment
- Provide behavioral recommendations that could help fix the gaps and ensure better customer experience

In the end we have crafted a plan of action that could be used to implement the recommendations.

What did we achieve?
We have come up with six Customer Archetypes, having connected their needs, drivers and triggers with the actual journey mapping.
Customer Journeys
Infused by behavioral thinking, highlighting the FISE and DPE, as well as moving from macro level of stages into a touchpoint level.
Behavioral Recommendations
First in the Middle East to use behavioral in Journey Mapping and Customer Experience Design.
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