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How we operate

We are extremely happy that you are now a part of the company. Now, it's your turn to become a part of the Renascence team. To make your life easier, we have collected all necessary details for you in one place. Want to check them out?
1. Working hours
Here more about our working hours, vacation, sicknesses, days off and all that.
2. Office rules
Keeping it clean, neat, making sure that you speak the same language with the coffee machine and how to avoid annoying people.
3. Getting on with colleagues
Few suggestions on how to get on with people around you.
4. Dealing with clients
How we communicate and behave when our clients are around.
5. Our systems
Systems we use, why we use and how we benefit from them.
6. Our standards
Operating standards and things that we expect every Renascence team member to follow.