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Transforming & setting up the customer experience function
The engagement was driven by the group management. The effort was aimed at making Aldar a company that is driven by customer-centric solutions and services
6 months

Key scope focused on making Aldar a customer-centric company.
6 assets

- Development
- Hospitality
- Academies
- Retail
- Provis
- Khidmah
10+ functions

- Customer management
- Call center
- Operations
- Sales
- Communications
- Digital Transformation
- Property Management
- Facility Management
- Handover & DLP
- Etc.
60+ deliverables

- CX Committee Setup
- CX Vision Design
- Journey Mapping
- Escalation Management
- UX Analysis
- Mystery Shopping
- Customer Research
- Trainings
- Process Design
- Etc.
NPS Score
Excellent client servicing, very engaged & sticking to timelines. Responsive, fast & pleasant to work with.
— Farida Zaouai, VP Customer Centricity, Strategy & Innovations
Context, Approach & Methodology
In 2020, Aldar launched a group-wide customer strategy initiative focused on customer centricity & customer experience.
Aldar is the UAE's largest real-estate developer established in 2004 (Aldar Properties). By 2020 properties business is remaining a priority, with thousands of customers around the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

That being said, Aldar Group's focus today goes beyond real estate as the company builds successful brands in the categories of Education, Retail & Hospitality.
Rapid growth is always linked with challenges: disconnect with customers, legacy systems, processes and policies, outdated feedback mechanisms, lack of automation and digitalization.

To make Aldar become a more customer centric organization, we took them on a journey and set out to define a group-wide customer strategy which will be cascaded, aligned and customized for each portfolio.

Through a group-wide mystery shopping effort, hybrid touchpoint analysis (analogue & digital), review of customer feedback and more than 70 business interviews, we have delivered a set of initiatives.
"Great, effective team that goes extra miles and provides good service. Professional & friendly."
Asma Ben Salah
VP CRM and Property Handover, Aldar
"The team is extremely trustworthy. Meeting the deadlines, always proposing improvements and great attitude."
Fernando Sanchez Rasueros
SVP Innovation & Investments, Aldar
"Very proactive & patient experts.
Always excellent outcome. Loved working with them."
Ahmed Elsaadi
CX Manager, Provis and Khidmah
What did we achieve?
NPS 83
With high ratings across all departments and assets, Renascence NPS reached 83.
Group CX Vision
We have developed a group customer experience vision and adapted it across assets (Academies, Retail, Hospitality, Provis, Khidmah).
Group Escalation Strategy
Across all assets we have introduced an escalation & de-escalation strategy including a matrix with cases, roles, priorities and SLAs.
Customer Journeys
Starting with the as-is, fed by touchpoint analysis and mystery shopping, as well as customer feedback, we have designed the future CX.
Implementation Plan
Journeys are just tools to map the experience, what's important is a plan that will show what, when and how should be done & by whom.
Customer Experience Committee
We have supported the group strategy team by providing a framework for the first ever group-wide customer experience committee.
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