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Service Design

Define the experience and it will guide you to the
processes, systems and people you need to enable it.
What are we solving?
Service Design
Industry Problems
When we designed our mystery shopping program we interviewed
people on both sides: store associates and mystery shoppers, stakeholders
and agencies. Here is what we found:
High level business and stakeholder requirements
Implementation Phase
Granular functional requirements, process flows and wireframes
Detailed functional & non-functional requirements and use cases
Design Phase
Understand Phase
Initiation, RFP/Proposal Phase
High level business and stakeholder requirements
Behaviours, appearances, visiting times and scripted questions coupled with repetitive visits from the same auditor give direct signals to the staff that the visitor is a mystery shopper.
Most of the questions are asked to assess the staff and are related to the training material. Instead the focus should be on the customer experience, and not on evaluating individual employees.
Existing mystery shopping programs assess functions like "retail values" or "loyalty", while CX programs focus on journeys and within them the journey KPIs and functions.
Mystery shopping is not a mystery anymore
Assessing staff & training sessions, not experiences
Assessing functions, not journeys of customers
We are all people, not robots. The employees in our stores are impacted by the behaviour of the customers they interact with. Employee experience is as important as CX. Do we consider the feelings of associates and their impact?
We keep asking the same questions over and over again and what's worse - we assume that the output of such a survey would give us new insights.
A survey that is not tailored to the archetype or carried out without any consideration of "needs" won't be enough to make the customer experience "great". And who wants to stick to the "good"?
What about the employee experience?
Surveys are generic, never around the intent
By trying to design for everyone, we design for no-one
Focusing on one channel is not an option anymore. We have to track journeys that start online and finish offline and vice versa.
It gets them discovered by store staff and biases the outcome. Insights are not actionable or reliable, as store associates know what to say and how to behave as soon as they see them.
Coming from points 3 & 8, and also due to the reporting structure, mystery shopping reports are not actionable or inline with company procedures, KPIs and experience design practices.

We always focused on a single channel & journey episodes
Mystery shoppers don't receive proper trainings
Reports and vague and not actionable
Mystery shopping is not a mystery anymore
Assessing staff & training sessions, not experiences
Assessing functions, not journeys of customers
What about the employee experience?
Surveys are generic, never around the intent
By trying to design for everyone, we design for no-one
We always focused on a single channel & journey episodes
Mystery shoppers don't receive proper trainings
Reports and vague and not actionable
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Reasons to choose renascence
Why Renascence?
Here are a few reasons why working with us will be
as memorable as the outcome of our work.
We changed the approach to how we conduct visits, what and when we ask and how mystery shoppers behave to make it completely unnoticeable.
We don't use mystery shopping as a punishment or control tool, and instead use it to enhance customer experience & employee experience for actual customers & associates. For real.
We have created a structure that helps us assess journeys alongside functions. This helps us understand what happened and where within the journey, in order to identify the journey stage that requires remediation.
100% Mystery
Evaluating Experiences
Evaluating Journeys
We check how your staff reacts to unusual situations and emotional moments and how it impacts their interactions with the customer. Based on that we provide you with relevant recommendations on your associate skills development program.
We will be equally tracking both verbal and body comms and if necessary provide trainings to remediate issues caused by both, or try to enhance those skills to provide better perception during the conversation.
We build surveys around archetypes and personas, based on specific tasks that define the mystery shopper behaviour. Every visit has a unique scenario driven by an intent and the survey customised accordingly.
Stress Testing
Body Language
Intent Based
We assess your online and offline touchpoints equally, create scenarios that capture everything and bring it all together in one report.
Our reports focus on clear actionable insights and visualising the data to help you gain a bird-eye view of the situation, all while allowing you to dig into the details and highlighting patterns, trends and inconsistencies across the visits.
We work with you to identify what your requirements are, formulate goals and objectives, translate them into measurable metrics, set priorities and apply them to a custom program for you.
Hybrid Journeys
Reports are a Bliss
Bespoke Approach
Having tried our mystery shopping approach once, you will find it difficult to go back.
Mystery Shopping Services We Provide
Program Design
We will help you create your own and unique mystery shopping program, that will fit your specific needs and industry.

We will give you the strategy, framework and toolset and show you how to use it.
Program Execution
We will run the program for you. Using our proprietary toolset for reporting and our experienced consultants to analyse the results for you and identify actionable insights to improve your CX.

We will select, train and manage the mystery shoppers, handling all operational aspects for you and reporting back the findings with our recommendations.
Internal Implementation
We can help you implement the recommendation.

We will train your store associates to be more mindful of the customer and play along with the customer experience vision of your organisation. We can run customised workshops to remediate the gaps uncovered in the mystery shopping visits.

We become part of your team to actively affect change, lead initiatives and improve the customer experience.
Our Process
How we approach mystery shopping in a few simple steps.
Business Requirements
We will kick of the program through a series of interviews with the business and stakeholders to better understand the requirements.
Initial Brief & Survey Proposal
We will then come up with a proposal that will have a draft approach, survey questions and expected insights as well as implications.
Brief & Survey Validation
After a series of debriefs and interviews, we will be ready to go with a final program scope, designed and scripted surveys.
Partner Onboarding & Training
On the back of the mystery shopper program scope and surveys, we will create training material and onboard our partners - the mystery shoppers.
Program Execution
Then the execution will start and as we go, we will be learning from the new environment, changing and tweaking the approach if necessary.
Insights and Reporting
Finally we will get the reporting sessions scheduled and deliver them according to the plan.
The next step is actioning the recommendations and we will be happy to support you with this as well.
the tools that help us do great things
Compass MS
Modern, flexible, unbiased and tested mystery shopping program framework and guidance system for an A to Z mystery shopping evaluation
Our approach ensures that mystery shoppers remain undetected.
Truly Mystery
360° Evaluation
Verbal interactions, body language and cognitive insights. You get it all.
Hybrid Nature
We don't assess a channel. We assess journeys and anything along the way.
Experience Design
It's built to boost employee and customer experience. Built to be trusted.
Mystery Shopping Indexes
Performance Indicators
Our proprietary tool to measure and visualise your performance across three CX verticals:
How the customer experience is upheld throughout the different journey stages.
Journey Performance Indicator
How the training guidance is implemented.

Training Performance Indicator
How the company CX vision is translated into the actual customer experience.
Vision Performance Indicator
Who can benefit?
Industries and sectors that will benefit from a CX driven approach to Mystery Shopping
Brick and mortar meets digital
In this increasingly digitalising industry it is crucial to continuously test, measure and challenge the customer experience across all channels.

Managing services across offline, online and hybrid journeys requires insights into the actual experience of customers.
questions our clients ask
If your questions are not answered below, call us or send a message at hello@renascence.io
How do you ensure consistency in the mystery shopping?
The key to a successful mystery shopping program is mixture of rigorous training, dedicated tools and continuous quality control. If any visit doesn't meet our standards we will repeat it to ensure we consistently deliver the highest level of quality in our reports.
How many mystery shopping visits can you do per month?
We have an expansive network of mystery shoppers in the region and can accommodate any requirements you may have. We will help you assess what the most efficient use of mystery shoppers is in the context of your goals and requirements. When it comes to mystery shopping quality often trumps quantity.
Can we use your approach for our existing mystery shopping operations?
Yes, we can design a program tailored to your needs, teach our methodologies to your team and give you access to our tools for recording, analysing, reporting and visualising the results.
Can you help us implement your recommendations?
We always want to see that our work has a positive impact and therefore care about seeing our recommendations successfully implemented. Because of this we offer an implementation scope with dedicated resources that become part of your internal team for as long as you need them to design and lead the required change initiatives. This can consist of running workshops on topics like body language, greeting, product interaction etc, or reviewing what and how we are training the employees, ensuring they have the tools they require to excel in their function.
Do you do online mystery shopping as well?
Yes we do! We believe in the importance of understanding every aspect of your customer journey. This can include online steps, such as researching a brand or store, or purchasing a product and having it delivered, following up on the delivery by phone, email, chat, tracking the progress, receiving the product etc.

Journeys can be purely online or hybrid, by combining online and in-store steps (for example reserving a product online and picking it up in store).
How do you select your mystery shoppers?
We have a careful vetting process for our mystery shoppers and ensure they match the profile of the client and requirements of the scope. Beyond selecting the right profile it is crucial to give each mystery shopper in depth training, so they understand how to behave, what to observe and how to report it.
Our clients
What our clients say
  • Alex Davies
    From the beginning they have felt like an extension of my team. They have surpassed my expectations.
  • Gregoire Charpe-Civatte
    Head of CX at Majid Al Futtaim
    Their passion for CX and drive towards research and innovation leads to unique and relevant methodologies that will for sure result in high quality findings.
  • Ilaria Buonpane
    Head of CX at Chalhoub Group
    Always share their opinion and recommendations with respect, that I really appreciate as a client. I like bouncing ideas with them.
We will call you back
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