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From signing a SPA, through the journey of becoming a homeowner in Dubai
The objective of our project with Dubai Properties was to transform the customer experience from the moment the Sales and Purchase Agreement is signed.
50+ meetings

Business interviews conducted with company stakeholders.
118 initiatives

New initiatives mapped out.
7 systems


3 workshops

Conducted with business stakeholders to define the future experience.
6 site visits

Participated in multiple site visits to fully understand what our customers go through at each stage of the journey.
10 interviews

We have interviewed 10
customers (who owned a DP property).
40+ quick fixes

Suggested to the business and implemented throughout the duration of the project.
10 departments


Customer Care
Dubai Asset Management
Research & Strategy
Call Center
Land Customer Care
From the beginning they have felt like an extension of my team, working alongside and independently engaging those directly involved in the project as well as the supporting functions surpassing my expectations.
- Alex Davies - Chief Commercial Officer - Dubai Properties
Context, Approach & Methodology
In 2019, we transformed the customer experience in Dubai Properties.

The following categories were identified as the main opportunities for improvement and formed the focus of our scope for this project:
Handover & Snagging, MyDP Portal, Personas vs. Archetypes, Trends & Innovations, Communications Strategy, CX Vision, Real Estate Customer Journeys and Implementation Plan.
Dubai Properties is a leading real estate master developer based in the UAE and is responsible for shaping some of Dubai’s most renowned and iconic real estate destinations with over 16 years of experience in the residential sector. Dubai Properties is part of the Dubai Holding group.

Playing a leading role in driving the successful development and diversification of one of the most vital sectors in the economy, Dubai Properties is committed to creating residential developments across the Emirate that provide distinctive and enriching lifestyles for residents.
The main objective of the project was to transform the customer experience from the moment the SPA is signed.

Dubai Properties had asked us to map their current and future customer journeys and enhance the available information with customer behaviors, emotions and experiences. A great focus was put on the handover process to understand and transform the experience.

The MyDP app has been identified as a opportunity for improvement and was analyzed in depth in order for it to fulfill its potential.

Through complex journey mapping exercises, site visits, more than 50 stakeholder and customer interviews, multiple workshops and user-experience evaluations, we have delivered a set of recommendations, and defined a clear roadmap to set the basis of implementation.
What did we achieve?
Handover & Snagging
Analyzing the gaps and the friction points helped us come up with recommendations. Some of these suggestions were easy to implement - “quick wins” - and some required alignment between business verticals and demanded more resources and/or time to implement, these are strategical long-term actions.
MyDP Portal
This exercise started with mapping out the current user journey. We conducted an analysis of the platform and an in-depth UX analysis in order to map out the ideal digital journey.
After identifying the opportunities and determining targeted solutions to current challenges, we put together a list of our recommendations and 65 action points, and arranged them into 14 categories for an easier understanding.
Personas vs. Archetypes
We defined 5 customer archetypes and analyzed existing data. The archetypes examined the different expectations, barriers, drivers, important steps, triggers and mindsets of these archetypes based on their most common missions, needs and touchpoints.
Trends & Innovations
We looked at initiatives in the following categories: Real Estate Trends & Innovations, Industry Transcending Trends and Competitor Trends.
Communications Strategy
We looked at the communications DP sends out, when, why, by whom, to whom, and how and we developed a holistic strategy for all communications.
CX Vision
To obtain focus and make sure that the initiatives are tailored to the way DP sees the experience of the future, we have introduced a CX vision
(3 pillars).
Keeping DP's CX vision in mind we determined how the aspired journeys would look like, through a creative process. Conducting various workshops with the stakeholders helped us map out solutions and design the ideal future journeys (to-be) for customers.
Real Estate Customer Journey
We mapped out the ideal handover journey based on our interactions, the data that was gathered, the knowledge we gained from our business interviews and the creative ideas that came up during our workshop. Our future customer journey mapping exercise also included an ideal digital journey (focused on MyDP) and an overarching real estate customer journey.
Implementation Plan

Journeys are just tools to map the experience, what's important is a plan that will show what, when and how should be done and who is responsible for each task. We listed 75+ targeted solutions and actions, suggested a required budget for each recommendation and prepared a roadmap for implementation. At the end, all actions were categorised and prioritised based on time, budget, and resources required.

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