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Understanding the efficacy & CX of customer happiness center

The goal of the project was to understand how well the customer happiness center supports, guides, navigates & satisfies customers
1 challenge

The challenge was to understand the achievement of 4 objectives by tracking the attendance, interactions, and satisfaction of customers within the customer happiness ccentre.

6 touchpoints

The investigation and reporting was done across 6 main touchpoints:

- Tellers
- Reception
- Payment Kiosks
- Self-service Kiosks
- Online Portal
- Customer Care Overall
6 paths to data

We have collected information using methodologies that varied from manual / qualitative to automated:

- Manual Observations
- Customer Interviews
- Path Mapping
- Heat Mapping
- Anonymous Analytics
- fMRI Analytics
Final Report

Included not just what has to change, but also how exactly the transformation should happen.

We have proposed to move touchpoints, add new ones, redistribute traffic flows, change the content and appeal of the communications. All recommendations included very specific guides on how to do it.
Working with the team is a great pleasure and a stimulating experience. They always understand the business requirements and has proven to always deliver against the very high expectations I was setting.

Their passion for CX and drive towards research and innovation leads to unique and relevant methodologies that will for sure result in high quality findings. Finally, teams and stakeholders always enjoy interacting with them.
— Gregoire Charpe-Civatte, CX Lead in Emaar (1st engagement)
Context, Approach & Methodology
Emaar Properties decided to review the efficacy of the Customer Happiness Center in Emaar Square and appointed us to support.
The biggest issue with conducting a research of a customer happiness center / customer care is the nature of numerous touchpoints:

- Digital or Physical
- Online or Offline
- Queuing or Informing
- Guiding or Navigating

And then we have customers themselves with their own views and experiences, and therefore varying satisfaction levels.
The task was clear: to have an overarching view of the customer happiness center and ensure that not a single stone remains unturned.

We have used Solouq's tech and libraries to implement anonymous analytics, heat and path mapping sensors, found a partner that could help us review communications in the space using scientific methods fast, but keeping behaviors in mind.

The tech showed us where people go, spend time, how often they drop out and where, and at which point they do so. We collected the demographical and behavioral data without even being in the space to then add qualitative insights to the mix and come up with a new model of the customer happiness center.

What did we achieve?
  • Audience Profile
    Identified who visits the customer care center and when, the type of touchpoints that were frequently accessed by those profile.
  • Space Consumption
    Identified how the space and various touchpoints were used. Made the ones that were redundant actually useful or substituted completely.
  • Transformation Recommendation
    A new set up was recommended that helped optimize the consumption of the space and services within it.
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