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Defining how an ideal property sales kiosk should look like
Emaar asked us to check how effective their current kiosk was and come up with a set of improvement or a model that can become a benchmark amongst property sales kiosks.
2 months

We focused on four types of sources that helped us to come up with findings to feed our hypotheses:

- Behavioral (Solouq Sensors)
- Cognitive (Human Biases)
- Mall Data (WiFi)
- Sales Agents (Qualitative)
4 questions

The questions we have embarked on to find out were split into four main conversion categories:

- Attention
- Interest
- Selection
- Purchase
Big Data

The tech & libraries that were used to inspect the existing kiosk belonged to Solouq, and helped the team identify who was attending the kiosk, how they behaved in and around it, which areas were consumed and what were the profiles of those people.
1 solution

The model for the new property sales kiosk for Emaar was based on scientific data & behavioral economics & included:

- The visual model draft
- The zoning laws
- The layout laws
- The content recommendations
Working with the team is a great pleasure and a stimulating experience. They always understand the business requirements and has proven to always deliver against the very high expectations I was setting.

Their passion for CX and drive towards research and innovation leads to unique and relevant methodologies that will for sure result in high quality findings. Finally, teams and stakeholders always enjoy interacting with them.
— Gregoire Charpe-Civatte, CX Lead in Emaar (1st engagement)
Context, Approach & Methodology
Emaar Properties asked Solouq to support in researching the efficacy of their current sales kiosk. Renascence team used Solouq's frameworks, tech and libraries to investigate the property sales kiosk and come up with recommendations.
Dubai Mall is one of the most attended places in the world. For many years now, Emaar Properties use a kiosk in the waterfall corner to foster their sales initiatives and promote upcoming projects.

In 2017 we were asked to understand and provide solutions to make the property sales kiosk of Emaar more effective.

So, if form is to follow function, design must be based on data. Journeys should always take priority if we want to avoid subjective aesthetics.

Since Emaar's property sales kiosk primary objective is to enable direct point of sales, understanding path to sale is key to developing layout and design.
Using Solouq's anonymous data collection systems we ran a test and studies consumer journeys at Emaar's sales kiosk in The Dubai Mall. Few questions we wanted to get answers for included:

- Is the sales kiosk attractive?
- Does it catch the eye of passers by?
- What do they understand at first glance?
- Does the kiosk have stopping power?

- Do the consumers who stop understand the offering?
- Does it compel them to approach?
- Are any barriers in the way?
- Are they guided towards their next step?

- Can we filter the relevant consumers from the observers?
- Do we have layers of information for the more interested?
- Do we save the data of the interested?

- Do we have conversion tools for the interested?
- Are there more tools that we can develop?
- Does the kiosk space enable easy conversion?

What did we achieve?
Zoning laws
We created zoning laws that were tied with the content of the kiosk. Four zones (proximity, transition, experience, conversion) where every touchpoint has its role.
Layout laws
Layout laws based on zoning laws that prescribed what should be placed where and why to ensure the goals for each zone (invite, impress, convince, convert) are accomplished.
A new sales kiosk model
A model that considered the traffic flow in Dubai Mall, behavioral biases and fears of people, existing flaws of the kiosk and future sales and operational goals of Emaar Properties.
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