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Behavioral Solutions

Understanding the unconscious during the decision making process provides us with deeper insights which can be used to create a truly holistic & human-centric customer experience
What are we solving?
Unconscious experiences
& irrational behaviors
90% of decisions made are Irrational. Hence, looking at a customer behaviour at a 10% surface level is no longer enough. At Renascence we pioneer application of behavioral economics on customer experience backed up with an in-house R&D.
Assuming the customer is rational limits our insights. At Renascence we look at the irrational human experience.
Big data is no longer as useful as people think it is. That's why we collect data on micro moments
We take journey mapping further by mapping behaviour and identifying friction points.
Data Gathering
Journey Mapping
Customers are motivated by more than just a product need which is why we look deeper.
Solutions are never a one size fits all. That's why believe in A/B testing in different environments.
Standard practice can stagnate growth but with behavioural insights we can increase growth exponentially
Stunted Growth
Reasons to choose renascence
Why Renascence?
And here are a few reasons why working with us will be
as memorable as the outcome of our work.
We understand that humans are irrational and we purposefully design solutions with that in mind.

No two problems are alike, we create unique solutions that are hyper personalised.
We create solutions that are innovative and easily implemented.
100% Human centred



We are passionate about growing and we constantly keep up with the latest insights.

We know that this approach is fairly new but we go the extra mile to make sure all goes smoothly.

We believe in testing and iterating until we achieve the desired result.
We keep it fresh

We go above and beyond
90% of human decisions are driven by emotions and heuristics which regular CX doesn't explore. Do you still think experiences you design are truly human-centric?

Customer Experience Services We Provide

Behavioural mapping
We identify key friction points that customers experience in specific journeys. This micro-data allows us to effectively diagnose behavioural problems.
Choice architecture
We design nudges for physical and virtual environments that allow for better decision making which will enhance customer experience.

We can help with:
Experience design
Service design
Environmental design
REBEL Certification
Looking to Embed behavioural science in your DNA. We provide a behavioural learning course that will provide your team with the foundation for practical application of principles.
Reward programs
We consider the unconscious motivations to create hyper personalised loyalty and incentive programs.

We can help with:
Loyalty programs
Incentive programs
Employee engagement
We design recognition programs that will improve employee satisfaction which ultimately improves productivity and customer experience.

We look at your existing marketing collateral and identify friction points that may be effecting business outcomes. After diagnoses we design quick practical solutions that drive behaviour.
Service Automation
We design solutions that streamline process so that customers are not overwhelmed which creates a more positive experience.
We design solutions that streamline process so that customers are not overwhelmed which creates a more positive experience.

Digital Transformation
We transform the customer experience on web pages which result in increased traffic and increased leads.

renascence approach to customer experience
Our Process
How we approach behavioral experience design in a few simple steps.
Defining the challenge
Before any behavioural change can occur we will engage with you to assess and create a behavioural change statement and approach that targets specific behaviour.
Behavioural mapping
Once we define the challenge we use existing data and do our own research through surveys, observations and interviews to understand all friction points that may affect decision making.
Behavioral Design
Once we have identified friction points we will design nudges and create a future journey that will enhance customer experience.
Testing and optimisation
Once we are done creating nudges we will run a small pilot to test the efficacy. We then use those learning to optimise the solution before we scale.
Once the solution is optimised we have a full launch and monitor progress. Once we are happy with the progress we will hand over to your team.
Our 5-year quest to bring behavioral customer experience
Since 2017 we have been working on a model, that will enable human-centric, behavioral customer experience. As result, in 2022 we have launched a range of products and services that can help the industry truly understand customers.
REBEL Framework
A customer experience framework infused with behavioral economics and thinking based on our own in-house R&D, that uncovers behavioral opportunities & taps into unconscious & irrational human behaviors.
REBEL Certification Course
A course designed by our team and certified by the Customer Institute in Düsseldorf, Germany is there to get you across the bridge to the world of irrational CX,
For those who want to have the latest from our R&D team, a whole wealth of behavioral CX knowledge concise and condensed to fit in the pocket, we have produced cards.
An ongoing effort that takes more knowledge, more discoveries and experiments from the world of behavioral economics to the world of customer experience.
Industries that need cx
Who can benefit?
Industries and sectors already benefiting from experience design
Real Estate
Government Services
Difficult decisions that affect your financial future can be cognitively draining
An industry that has many choices can be overwhelming for the customer, especially when it affects their future. This can result in poor decisions which lead to poor experience. We focus on reducing cognitive overload to create positive lasting experiences while improving conversion.
Investing in a home is complex and has multiple processes
Buying a home is a complex decision with multiple journeys which can create an anxious environment and results in errors. We aim to reduce anxiety by simplifying processes and enhance decision making environments.
People are want things now and have fear of missing out
Behavioural principles are used widely across the industry and can be applied to user interface, pricing all the way to the actual structure of the entertainment being provided, small changes can create lasting impressions.
Emotions are a key driver of decision making processes
Hospitality is all about empathy which does not always come naturally. Shifting behaviour and mindsets can be achieved through employee recognition programs and behaviourally informed training.
Customers remember the peaks and the end journeys more than the entire experience
In retail, consumers often the visit multiple retailers for any number of products. During their journey they recall experiences that peak their interest and closing transactions. Applying behavioural principles to these micro-moments can enhance customer experience.
Customers want to feel connected through trends and experiences
Human beings are social and one of the way we connect is through shared experiences. Successful beauty brands capitalise on this behavioural principle which enhances customer experience.
The way an individual presents themselves affects their decision making
Our self image and beliefs drive our decision making. We use behavioural principles to create these connections which can enhance customer experience.
Customers believe that they need more options to be satisfied. Do they?
Creating a relaxing and stress free environment is important for the success of Leisure and travel companies. Through choice architecture we can provide insights that ensure a relaxing environment.
We have a limited mental bandwidth and become overwhelmed easily
When we are faced with an overwhelming amount of information we use shortcuts that result in errors. By simplifying complex information we can enhance learning and improve memory.
Poor experience can easily result in customers switching providers
Customer use Wifi and cellphones everyday and it is important for all processes to be as frictionless as possible to ensure retention. We aim to create future journeys that are seamless with minimal behavioural barriers.
Communicating complex ideas and changes to the public can be overwhelming
Getting people to take note of important policy changes is difficult. Using behavioural principles can improve engagement and acknowledgement of these changes.
Looking after your health is an accumulation of habits
Building habits like eating healthy, taking necessary medication or following COVID-19 protocols don't just happen. We believe that by assessing these journeys and applying nudges can drastically improve customer experience.
questions our clients ask
If your answers are not listed below, call us or send a message at hello@renascence.io
What are behavioural solutions and how does it differ from CX?
Behavioural solutions are a blend of economics, psychology and sociology that remediate pain points experienced by the customer. Behavioural solutions complement CX.
How can I apply behavioural science to CX?
Behavioural science can be applied by mining existing data and gathering new data to identify friction points in existing journeys. Once friction point are identified we can nudge customers.
Why is behavioural science important for customer experience?
Customers are irrational and make decisions based on their emotions. Behavioural science focuses on the irrational consumer so that customers expectations are met resulting in a positive experience which result in an increase in sales and retention.
We want to train our staff on behavioural aspects, how long will this take?
Our REBEL course is a 5 day learning course that comes with a certification. Habits take time to form and we are happy to provide guidance as your add this mindset to your way of work.
Can behavioural solutions be applied quickly?
It is not necessary to follow all stages of our process, If time is an issue we can look at existing collateral and provide insights and designs that you can use.
Our clients
What our clients say
Alex Davies
From the beginning they have felt like an extension of my team. They have surpassed my expectations.
Gregoire Charpe-Civatte
Head of CX in Majid Al Futtaim
Their passion for CX and drive towards research and innovation leads to unique and relevant methodologies that will for sure result in high quality findings.
Ilaria Buonpane
Head of CX in Chalhoub Group
Always share their opinion and recommendations with respect, that I really appreciate as a client. I like bouncing ideas with them.
We will call you back
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