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Customer Experience

Let's define a customer experience path that is unique, workable, delightful, exemplary and fun to work on.
What are we solving?
Customer Experience
Industry Problems
We know that we are different. And there are reasons
why we had to think and act in a different fashion.
The notion of a 'persona' is so old that nobody is ever questioning it anymore. We do. Because it doesn't help us explore the human nature deep enough. In Renascence we look at 'archetypes'.
The industry lead by large consulting groups stopped innovating. R&D investments are not enough while the science is moving on. Smaller teams are quicker to absorb and implement the new knowledge.
We are not referring the contract each time the projects take a new turn. We sit down with you and try to figure it out for all of us. It's success we are after. We understand that you can have a few changes in the scope & that's ok.
Customer Understanding
Frameworks & Methodologies
Lack of Flexibility
We are assigning less people to projects. But each is as capable as his peer. We train interns internally and bring those who are ready. We don't train them in the client's office.
We continuously innovate for the industry. We hope that what we bring to customers, clients and industry will change the experience landscape and make this world a better place.
We can be dreamy. But we prefer being practical. Things that work > dreams. So so will dream with you to see what is going to work for you, for the industry, for the customer.
Lack of Experience
Absence of Innovation
Lack of Practicality
Customer Understanding
Frameworks & Methodologies
Lack of Flexibility
Lack of Experience
Absence of Innovation
Lack of Practicality
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Reasons to choose renascence
Why Renascence?
And here are a few reasons why working with us will be
as memorable as the outcome of our work.
That's the percentage rate of relationships that moved on to the next stage or evolved into other projects or secondary interaction opportunities.
Is the number of pitches we win due to our unique approach, ability to understand the brief and look beyond at the things the brief didn't mention.
We do not say 'no'. We explore more topics than just CX and those include IT, Research, Psychology, Marketing, you name it.
We have the answer
Our passion is pushing us to innovate for the industry, we produce tools for everybody. Our aim is a better experience, our passion is the customer.
We are proud to be one of only a few SMEs that managed to build their own set of tools. Fully integrated frameworks help us direct the thinking.
It takes more to understand a human than a journey map. We specialise in applying behavioral economics to experience design exercises.
We love to innovate
We love our tools
We love psychology
renascence dna
You will discover many more talents than what you have hoped for. Interpersonal, professional, attitudinal.

Customer Experience Services We Provide

CX Research
Customer research that helps us understand the archetypes: their needs, behaviors, drivers, barriers and triggers. And more importantly the kind of experience they are looking forward to.
CX Design
Experience design is the core service that we provide. From understanding your customer to defining the experience vision to journey mapping, planning and prioritisation, we do it all.
If you have a plan, and you need someone to oversee it, tweak it, focus on KPIs and help you deliver it, we can set up a project management office to support you and vendors to make sure that the plan is executed.
CX Courses
If you would like to introduce a new CX department or inject into the old one CX thinking, help them grasp the subject and start doing experience design in-house, we can help you with that.
CX Workshops
You think that there is a quick opportunity or a win that can be handled by a workshop or two? We are happy to help. Defining the customer, creating the vision, journey mapping - just send us the brief.
CX Training
We can provide training sessions for your retail and frontline associates. A basic one of something bespoke, like how to read body language? Behavioral economics or creative thinking. Let us know.
Voice of Customer
We can create a fully integrated Voice of the Customer program: analyze company needs, customer interaction channels, opportunities for direct and indirect VOC and design a strategic approach.
Call Center
We can help you establish and remediate your call center experience from IVR to staff training.
CRM & Comms
We can help you set up your CRM operations, define your EDM and communication strategy.
renascence approach to customer experience
Our Process
How we approach experience design in a few simple steps.
Maturity Assessment
To understand where you stand in CX and where the focus of our efforts should be, we will assess your organization to identify the level of maturity.
Understanding the Customer
Then, we will focus on knowing your customers better through shadowing, research and most importantly through the lens of our unique approach.
Creating the Vision
To make sure that we create experiences that matter to the brand and customers, we will run a few workshops to define the vision for your company.
Mapping the Journeys
We will then do our research and interviews to define customer journeys and internal processes. Map them out and define the future.
Defining the Gaps
The gap analysis will help us understand where we stand currently vs. the desirable future. We will keep our dreams while trying to be practical.
Devising the Plan
Finally the plan. The most important part of the design stage. Once the plan is clear, practical, prioritised and aligned with KPIs, CX transformation is ready to kick off.
the tools that help us do great things
Compass CX
Modern, flexible, unbiased and tested customer experience program framework and guidance system for an A to Z customer experience transformation
Modern framework
Built in 2020. Based on multiple International trainings & research coupled with the experience that we have gathered on the market of the Middle East & UAE
Flexible framework
It is a fluid framework. Depending on the amount of time we have, or the budget, we can turn it around quicker without impact on the quality
Unbiased framework
With Compass, we go beyond the usual understanding of the human behavior that is purely based on data. We capture and decode cognitive biases to further push the boundaries of CX
Tested framework
We have done it and perfected it over and over and over again with clients from various industries including beauty, fashion, real estate, banking, retail, hospitality & entertainment
ten principles of customer experience
Customer Experience Principles
In experience design we use ten core principles
Delivering services to customers where, how and when they want it.

We have to remain on the customer radar and remain relevant. Customers are eager to receive services in the way that is convenient for them and to do things in the way they want to. The convenience factor is often triggered when competition introduces a new, more convenient approach. The approach becomes industry standard for CX, as expectations grow.
Being honest, reliable, undivided and sticking to principles, associated with the brand.

We can't expect customers to be consistent with us, if we are not consistent with them. And Integrity is about consistency of experience, communications and attitude. Think of a relationship. If your brand isn't able to project trust, would anobydy want to have relationships in the long run?
Avoiding friction in processes, extensive or unnecessary labor.

Includes not just functional issues in the processes, but also the way the process is perceived. Sometimes we see things being difficult without even trying. The perception of "future effort" can drive customers away or trigger reluctance or anxiety, while knowledge coming from past experiences of processes full of friction can drive the customer away for good.
Understand true feelings of your customer to build better experiences.

There are hundreds of feelings and emotions we experience on a daily basis. You can probably recall 10 or 20? Well, there is more. Emotions impact the way we perceive information, the way we act, our attitudes and behaviors. Through better understanding of emotions we can design experiences that drive behaviors and change perception of existing ones, impact the WOM.
Understand and share the feelings of your customer to bond & deliver better service.

Empathy itself is a feeling, and it stands out as such as it encompasses a broad range of emotions. It's about our capacity to place ourselves in the customer's shoes. From that point we are getting better at listening, tailoring our response, delivering services and improving the experience.
It's often not about the service, but the means to get there and get it.

One of the most underrated customer experience principles. Experience design should consider enablement as one of the most important tools that the customer should get to be able to receive the service, consume it, provide feedback and interact with the brand. Provide tools & processes.
Manage expectations: promise & deliver. Exceed them, meet at the least.

Future experiences are often built on expectations coming from the past or expectations built on promises. Every brand has to be careful with what it says and what it promises in that message. Meeting expectations help us generate trust and brand affinity.
Use an individual approach to connect with customers.

Personalisation can be looked at from two different angles. One being "personal" in the approach, and the second being about "enablement" - providing options that the customer can use to personalise the service, tailor to his needs, to the way he wants to but or receive it.
An art of recovering from a poor experience to build even bigger momentum.

While the ways to recover can be individual to a brand or an industry, the fact of recovery through resolution is extremely important. It can turn the situation around and bring the customer who never cared about your brand and just had the worst experience ever even closer.
Time is a resource, we have to learn to appreciate our customers' time spend with us.

The world is extremely dynamic. Customers often have to forgo the moment of delight in order to receive the product or service they want. At the times like that, speed becomes more important than the ritual we have build for them. The would appreciate the ritual, but time is scarce.
Industries that need cx
Who can benefit?
Industries and sectors already benefiting from experience design
Real Estate
Government Services
Find a balance between customer experience and category restrictions
An industry that is purely based on service, but also heavily regulated. We will understand your processes and issues that customers face to build better, more prominent, indulging and effective customer experience in digital and offline.
Customer experience is a guide and an enabler of complicated processes
A high value purchase, a lifetime commitment, a risky investment. An interaction that always created anxiety and fear, a purchase where customer's dominance is at its lowest. CX should be an enabler that will remove anxiety and bring delight.
When it's all about entertainment, it has to be flawless and focused
Customer experience in entertainment has a vast application. From user interface design of systems and kiosks, staff trainings, onboarding and off-boarding to ticket sales. CX is aimed here at the moments of delight and frictionless processes.
Hospitality is a cradle of customer experience. Hospitality = experience
Ability to host a guest, take care of his needs and wellbeing during the stay requires a lot of empathy, processes and trainings. Hospitality is threaded by standard operating procedures that often require a refresh.
Rituals, guidance and emotions drive customer experience in retail
A purchase is a process, not just a transaction but a value exchange. People want to feel good about their choice while choosing and right after, enjoy the process of selection, staff attitude and realization of promises.
Customer, product and service experience shape the industry
Whether it is a retail brand or a beauty salon, customer experience is shaping the core of the business. Just like in hospitality & retail, it's all about the rituals, promises, indulgence, frictionless delivery and training.
Feeling good about the selection, not only about the often expensive choice
More and more brands go online, more and more brands compete on the fashion stage. With that amount of choice and absence of tools to guide that choice, players who managed to create better customer experience win the race.
Making sure that customer experience complements the best moments
Our lives are remembered in moments, memories are attached to them. We all want to remember those moments, the actual moments and not those negative micro experiences that ruined them.
Focus on what matters for both parents and students
Accessibility, enablement and personalisation are at the core of education. We have to ensure that the industry delivers results, while removing doubts and anxiety of choice to start with, and lifetime value and zero friction once the choice is done.
Using the data for the sake of the customer, not against
One of the data richest industries would be expected to allocate and personalize their services according to what customers want long before customers realize what their needs are. Digital apps, call centers and retail outlets require constant remediation.
Trust, integrity, effortless and quick - when services become commodities
It's hard to bring excitement about government services. They become a commodity, therefore customers expect them to be straightforward and effortless. Bringing that excitement back is one of the goals of CX in the industry.
Learn to listen and care for moments when they truly need it
Healthcare experience is always under investigation from customers. They won't blame you for the bad experience or inconvenience, if you saved their lives, but they will switch the very second it will be less about them and more about their loved ones.
questions our clients ask
If your answers are not listed below, call us or send a message at hello@renascence.io
What sets you apart from other companies in the market?
Internally, we understand that our power and worth is in our people. Having said that, our unique selling proposition sits within behavioral economics and its application on customer experience. We simply understand customers better. Often better than they understand themselves.
We are a SME, can we afford a full CX package?
Yes indeed. We believe that customer experience should be available to every brand no matter the size. And so, we have created CX design packs for SMEs. We will make sure it would match your brand and industry needs.
We are limited in time, can you do CX quick?
Time constraint isn't an issue for us, while being a norm for any client. We have packaged CX delivery in various formats: workshops, hackathons and fully integrated design cycles. None of the formats sacrifices the quality.
How do we know if we need customer experience design?
We are happy to schedule a quick evaluation workshop and come back with a report completely free. From the report you will be able to understand whether or not you should be investing time and money into CX initiatives.
Can you help us win CX awards?
We are actively engaged in regional and international awards as judges. As such we have a huge breadth of experience about how to structure submissions and what it takes to make a winning presentation.
What is the return on customer experience?
Researches claim that CX Leaders have a 3X higher cumulative return compared to that of CX Laggards. CX impact goes beyond profit - it helps you save as well, through a reduction of churn and loyalty improvement.
Our clients
What our clients say
Alex Davies
From the beginning they have felt like an extension of my team. They have surpassed my expectations.
Gregoire Charpe-Civatte
Head of CX in Majid Al Futtaim
Their passion for CX and drive towards research and innovation leads to unique and relevant methodologies that will for sure result in high quality findings.
Ilaria Buonpane
Head of CX in Chalhoub Group
Always share their opinion and recommendations with respect, that I really appreciate as a client. I like bouncing ideas with them.
We will call you back
We love challenging and unorthodox tasks. If you haven't found what you have been looking for above, fill out this form, call us at +971 (0) 4-577-62-06 or email us at hello@renascence.io