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Market Research

Navigate through the complexity of human behavior and market insights & address the most strategic issues with us.
What are we solving?
Market Research
Industry Problems
We know that we are different. And there are reasons
why we had to think and act in a different fashion.
We reap what we have sown. Many surveys are structured, scripted and conducted in the way that doesn't allow any new insights to get through.
Reports are a mess. They are hard to read, hard to understand, hard to use. Reports are done in the way that you would never go back to them again.
We work with various providers and we are always honest about what you can get. Often, a 10 qualitative surveys are worth more than quantitative 1000.
Survey Structure
Reporting Clarity
Sample Quality
When did you get real insights? Were those insights actually helpful? Did you manage to make them work? Weren't the recommendations ambiguous?

In surveys, respondents claim that they acted in one way or another based on what they remember. Memory is a bias. We have to read through the lines.
Information is often under-reported, revealed selectively or suppressed. Often to please the client, sometimes to avoid questioning.
Real Insights
Understanding Behaviours
Reporting Bias
Survey Structure
Reporting Clarity
Sample Quality
Real Insights
Understanding Behaviours
Reporting Bias
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Reasons to choose renascence
Why Renascence?
And here are a few reasons why working with us will be
as memorable as the outcome of our work.
Your issues are our issues. We will carefully get the brief, digest it and offer options that can be taken forward.
Any research is conducted to find out the truth. It's not about budgets, quantitative or qualitative, sample sizes or else.
We love shaping our reports as much as we love digging and crunching the data. We are practically OCD when it comes to reports.
We know how to listen
We choose quality
We invest time in reporting
We aim at the use case, at the end game, at what will come out of the report, not the report itself.
We specialize in behavioral economics and cognitive reasoning. We use that knowledge when we read the data and analyse it.
Any information is important. We will share all of it. Packaged, readable and easy to digest, in the best way possible for every stakeholder.
We provide actionable insights
We understand behaviours
We don't suppress information
methodology agnostic
We work across the board with any type of research. Behavioral, attitudinal, qualitative or quantitative.
Usability test of a functioning product, app or a website to track errors, satisfaction, clicks, success & failures.
User experience research of an interface based on the eye movement tracking during a range of activities
Lab usability tests measure a user's ability to complete tasks while interacting with a certain interface.
A great way to learn about your customers' goals and needs while visiting them in their own environment
Task based, interactive usability study. Best for complex tasks that do not have a structured sequence of steps.
Unmoderated usability study. Best for complex tasks that do not have a structured sequence of steps.
Understanding of interaction friction points through data logs analysis resulted from customer's engagement with a digitally enabled interface
Process of collecting, analyzing and reporting aggregate data about the pages a visitor visits & in what order
A/B testing is the process of comparing two versions of a web page, email, or other marketing asset and measuring the difference in performance
Completed alone. There is no opportunity to ask detailed questions specific to the user's actions.
Deeper understanding of the intent to gather better insights that have an impact on user experience
Online customer surveys of a preselected sample to obtain brand, product, service or customer insights
Used to gather on-site feedback from an audience. Intercept surveys are often used at events or conferences
Quantitative data collection via surveys or questionnaires that are sent to targeted respondents via email
Consumer acceptance evaluation of a new product idea prior to the introduction of to the market
A research when participants record entries about an experience that's being studied over a period of time
Allow you to ensure that visuals match your brand goals and evoke the desired emotional response
Organization of topics into categories that make sense to design or evaluate the information architecture of a site
Facilitated discussion intended to elicit consumer perceptions about a particular topic or area of interest
Or "co-design" - a method that involves stakeholder in the design process to ensure that the end product meets their needs and expectations
Qualitative face to face, call or chat interviews to get the participants feedback on a reviewed subject
A research to get an idea of customer expectations & preferences both qualitatively and quantitatively
Types attitudinal and behavioral research we conduct ourselves or through our partners
Market Research Services We Provide
Customer Experience Journey Research
If you would like to understand what drives people towards or away from a destination, a product or service, and use those insights to remediate your communications or redesign your customer experience, we can help.
Purchase Decision
Journey Research
If you want to know what triggers people to buy, what drives them towards your store and pushed them away, their habits, occasions and practices, fears or propensity to switch from a competitor, we can help you with that.
Consumer Segmentation Research
If you are trying to understand who your customer is, define personas or archetypes, tap into their occasions and create a plan on how to activate them, we are happy to help.
renascence approach to market research
Our Process
How we approach market research in a few simple steps.
Needs Definition
A stage when we define objectives and highlight the problem we are trying to fix or understand better.
Methodology Definition
We then choose or create a hybrid methodology that will help us achieve the desired result.
Research Planning
We draft the survey, get the survey ready to be launched, mitigate risks.
Data Collection
We collect the data according to the plan, control the execution and do quality assurance.
Data Analysis
We analyse the data and get it ready for further usage and reporting. Generate insights and shape reports up.
Reporting & Next Steps
We deliver insights, define next steps.
Industries that need cx
Who can benefit?
Industries and sectors already benefiting from market research
To find a balance between customer experience and category restrictions
An industry that is purely based on service, but also heavily regulated. We will understand your processes and issues that customers face to build better, more prominent, indulging and effective customer experience in digital and offline.
If your answers are not listed below, call us or send a message at hello@renascence.io
Can you work across any research methodology?
Yes. We can help you design, launch and supervise a research, analyse the data and implement the findings. However, when it comes to field workforce, or some very specific research facilities - we don't own them. We rent them for the duration of the project.
What research do you specialize in?
Anything related to Customer Experience. We can help you with marketing or branding exercises too, but that won't be our key strength.
Our clients
What our clients say
  • Alex Davies
    From the beginning they have felt like an extension of my team. They have surpassed my expectations.
  • Gregoire Charpe-Civatte
    Head of CX in Majid Al Futtaim
    Their passion for CX and drive towards research and innovation leads to unique and relevant methodologies that will for sure result in high quality findings.
  • Ilaria Buonpane
    Head of CX in Chalhoub Group
    Always share their opinion and recommendations with respect, that I really appreciate as a client. I like bouncing ideas with them.
We will call you back
We love challenging and unorthodox tasks. If you haven't found what you have been looking for above, fill out this form, call us at +971 (0) 4-325-10-47 or email us at hello@renascence.io