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Evaluation efficacy of ADFF 2018 event & its impact on visitors

ADFF attracts thousands of tourists and locals who want to try various cuisines and have a day off with their families. A research is done every year to make the festival more engaging & fun, attended & efficient.
2 weeks

Visits were conducted during peak times on peak days.
298 surveys

- Demographical
- Geographical
- Attitudinal
- Behavioral
B2B & B2C

- Interviews with visitors
- Interviews with partners
3 events

- Festember
- Big Grill
- World of Food
Context, Approach & Methodology
In 2018 Abu Dhabi Department of Culture & Tourism tasked our partners to understand the efficacy & impact of the ADFF event.
Abu Dhabi Food Festival takes place every year. In 2018 organizers were keen to understand the impact of the event on general public, receive insights from partners and understand drivers and barriers that drive the visitors to improve the overall event experience.
Additionally, organizers wanted to know the success rate of each section of the ADFF. Therefore, separate teams worked on conducting surveys and collecting data from subsets of the ADFF such as World of Food, Festember or Big Grill.

CSAT questions followed by satisfaction drivers questions were added to the survey. Questionnaire was augmented with attendance drivers & propensity to attend questions as well.

In the end a set of recommendations was rolled out to improve the experience during the events in the years to come.
A glance on the recommendations
  • Channels
    Invest more into awareness channels.
  • Expectations
    Be clear about what visitors can expect.
  • Events
    Improve locations & timings of specific events.
  • Space
    Expand to provide people more space.
  • F&B
    Introduce more from the local cuisine, add variety.
  • Partners
    Provide more time to get ready.
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